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Welcome to Project in Action!
Use the Project in Action as a support to manage and develop your project. With it you can organize activities and teams with colleagues, request recommendations of content and generate reports statements for discussion and review.

Teaching and learning
through projects
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Planning and management In Projeto em Ação the professor has the possibility to define the subject that will be addressed and plan strategies with structured medium to long-term actions. It is very easy and simple to manage, monitor, guide and evaluate the students projects both in the classroom and remotely from anywhere with internet access.
Invite students Once registered, students can organize their own teams and define with autonomy the subject and nature of the project they wish to develop.
Students organized in teams Teamwork allows greater collaboration, discussion and reflexion. It enhances the projectual process and also the learning. Students take the responsibility to achieve good results. The system also allows interaction and information sharing between teams.
Independent articulation The system allows professor and student to combine various approaches and choose different methods techniques and tools. Thereafter, the teams develop the various different types of projects, but always according to the theme, structure and general strategy of the project subject.
Andressa Kulcz ynski
Recommendations As students conduct their investigations and carry out their projects, the system offers them successive recommendations based on keywords and activities that they are developing.
Project report The final project report is automatically created by the system. It can be reviewed by all other students and evaluated by the professor. The report also provides a systemic vision of the project, making possible to observe the relation between activities and their importance on the context.